Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Different Seasons

Autumn is here and summer is over, for me autumn is the most pleasant time of the year, because you still get some sun, but not too hot, nights are cool for sleeping and the green leaves have started to look a bit different they are preparing to give up the green shade.
I love the fall leaves and crisp air of autumn. I find it more exciting every year to experience four different seasons, each season requires a different set of clothes. Winter is just around the corner! I do hate knowing winter is right around the corner just a bit depressing to me. Ugh! I hate having a zaftig drapes like overcoat, a scarf, gloves, thick woolen sweaters, a vest makes me feel really fat and aren’t comfortable at all for me and putting on and taking off a bonnet messed up my hair all the time. I also found it extremely slummy putting on layers of clothing before I left the house and taking them off again once I was inside a building ___take off!___ put on!___ take off! It was so hard for me to move whenever I had to go out during winter....this is the stab! Plus I am force to use a hair dryer to avoid headache and some clumpets in my hair. I remember when I was in the Philippines, most women like me just rush out of the homes with wet hair and let the hot air blow-dry and go inside a passenger vehicle.
Oh Yes! I still love the two seasons wet and dry in the Philippines just missing those stuff like___ I don't use lotion that much because I don't see a need for it. My skin is normal enough to keep itself well-lubricated and almost wrinkle-free and you won't see me touching a hair dryer because I am too lazy to use one and because the heat gives me a headache sometimes. I use the electric fan instead.

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