Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fun Learning Experience!

You have heard about Brightstorm? Brightstorm, is an online learning network for high school students, to have a valued concept that serves as a route for an educational effectiveness. They established the company with strengthened belief that exceptionally outstanding learning starts with highly significant teaching and wanted to give every student the situation to learn from the world's best teachers. They use the tools that student use every day such as online videos to train instructional ideas in customary style. They just launched a new online learning network for teenagers with video-based courses led by experienced instructors for high school students. Each of the courses cover the central part that usually taught in high school subjects (e.g. Geometry, Algebra, Writing, etc) and are designed to support students in classes where they need to have a more advanced point for their full potential. Sign up for a free account, gives you access to a free distinctive series related events in every course, the courses were designed to help students in classes where they need additional help to achieve fun learning experience and prepare them for a fun college life.

I am sure you or your children will have a lot of fun learning at this professional online website content. Sign up for a free brightstorm account!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

My sense of belonging is like a tribal need that I've felt from a young age. But I've always been able to see the brighter side of life and have kept that childhood belief to live life fully, experience everything while we are here. Having fun with friends,with my online friends and some people that I know. Christmas Eve is about to begin here... Thank you everyone, for being who you are. I want to wish you a hearty Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I finally finished my Christmas Gifts!

Keeping the ball rolling, we need to be thankful for what we have. I have been blessed in so many ways and I know how fortunate I am. This blog is about I got a wish granted. I saved up much money on this online business, having a job that I got like earning. Christmas is a time to be thankful. Finally, it's done.... I finally finished my Christmas Gifts!!! A sense of benefit for which gratitude is due, so much of what is given out to give a gift and wrapping it up and give it away without always knowing what is in it. We never knew what possession of the box might hold. It's genuinely thought that we drive to some course into the gift rather than the dollars and distinguishing characteristic that matters. It is often insignificant by comparison of the excitement of Christmas, but there is no superior excellence time to come together with our family and friends to enjoy things mean the most to us. We have all been divinely favored in so many ways. Something that is without quantity could be easier than to stop and offer thanks.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

LV has spread world wide!

"LOUIS VUITTON" has spread world wide, this brand is one of the oldest fashion designers in the world. Let me recall the pleasant sky days of our second travel to Paris, France. The Climate was quiet and pleasant when we visited this place last autumn.... The deem of a woman's purse "tout de suite" and my eyes sparkle up, although I have invariably dreamed of a Louis Vuitton handbag, but if I have had a dollop of extra money, I could think of other trappings to spend it on, they are really invaluably expensive. Ohhhh!!! Dishy-pretty-life is plushy expensive to live in!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Off season for tourists!


Take your vacation to a whole new level! Vacations To Go has more of the same big plus for us, this is off-season in most places and as an inference from this fact we can have the best discounts on Cruises which are like a bid to give beyond what is usual deals. Vacations To Go is an exceptionally outstanding deal to enjoy in winter and the fact that everything costs appreciable because it is constituting the essence of off season for tourists, is a wonderful plausible bonus to our winter vacation we can save up to 75% for a last minute cruise. I like river Cruises they offer more fairly large experiences and a cinch from worry to visit some of the world's most alluring cities. Vacations To Go designated for all the major river cruise companies worldwide and we can find the lowest river cruise prices here. Join their exclusive membership now, with no charge and you can have an infinitesimal access to the cruise companies. You can also receive the world's most popular cruise newsletter. Make a choice at any time, it's absolutely free-of-cost. You will find a riches stored collection of early bird discounts, oust offer rate and two-for-ones deals, on every cruise line in the world.


Stuffing up!

Time for us to start stuffing up for the busy holiday season! I love to wrap gifts!!!!!!! I make the gifts truly one-of-a-kind...... with personalized gift calendar cards for my in-laws and friends with their pictures into it .... LOL!

Look what I did! LOL!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday sale!

It's raining today, I woke up to a freezing -3 degrees and wind brisk of 25 below 0. A very strong gust of wind like to stay below the intense outburst danger level for the next few days. There is nothing like going on a dignified calmness vacation, even if winter time. I have talked yesterday to my best friend and inviting us to spend Christmas vacation with them in New Jersey. She told me about New Jersey Shore beach vacation, even though winter time is here, we can take advantage of many indoor activities. There are many places to stay in New Jersey, so it should not be hard for us to find a hotel if my husband likes to stay in a hotel. While I was talking to my friend I am browsing the Internet too and I was electrified at this amusement park. A great place to walk at one's convenience with the famous boardwalk and they have many attractions along the way. Now, they currently have an annual holiday sale. The sale runs December one through January nine and customers can saved nearly 40% on a Season pass to both water parks. I hope my husband will likes this idea.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favorite Place in Europe!

I love Paris! I had seen the Eiffel Tower many times in photographs before my first trip to Paris. The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly very beautiful and the most exhilarating awesome landmarks in Europe. The Eiffel Tower just unambiguously took my breath away when my husband proposed to me at the top of the Eiffel Tower whiles we are looking out over the beautiful city. Just remembering those special jiffies life in Paris, walking by the river Seine during nighttime and sitting by the Eiffel Tower while smacking a dainty crepe. We spent our spacious time traveling via Paris Metropolitan "Le Metro". I may say, I overcome the overpowering and formidable subway complex of the city. We enjoyed it so much!

Kids World!

It's that time of year, a Christmas feeling's everywhere! One thing I gratuitously like about the Internet is the endless number of handy games online for my nephews and niece. I wish I could go home now in my home country and have had more time with my nephews and niece. Getting the scoop on the newest NEO Shifters to join the battle. I have learned that this Website they visit to play games. I could not believe how quickly they were picking up the facts just by playing the game. They love to start out into the act of customizing their characters choosing combat class, masks, colors and a name that makes them stand out, and completely prepared to battle for a glorious end. Now, I am missing my nephews and niece to play NEO Shifters with them just in time for Christmas and the holidays. Learning is part of life. It should be fun and testing one's ability, so learn while you play games. Try to visit this Website is the best fun way to spend time with your kids and your kids would exactly love it. A very sharp Website with many indicative and liveliness games for kids. Come to play the same with us!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pacquiao and De La Hoya fight!

I am supposed to be wordless, but I could not resist writing about this first as it's news that we Filipinos should be proud. Manny Pacquiao makes us all Filipinos proud with his dazzling victory. A moment of glory for every Pinoy in all corners of the globe when Manny Pacquiao became the worlds best pound for pound fighter by beating Mexican Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya. This is Pinoy Power striking appearance to the world. The world's best class fighter today and brought the Philippines into a positive news and tittle the international proceedings. His victory is Filipino's upward morale shove.

Congratulations Pacman!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Priceless Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas and the holidays. One thing I love about the internet is the endless number of games available for us online for my nephews and niece, it is amazing how much they have grown and yet how much of a kid they still are. It was a priceless experience and I wish I could have had more time with them. Since I moved to a different state. I was browsing the internet and found this website Snowballs to Christmas - The Game is the best fun way to spend time with your kids and they would absolutely love this game!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Breakfast gives us energy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast provides a significant proportion of the day’s total nutrient intake.

I still hope to see my wishes come true!

I can hardly believe it is the time of year again! Christmas is here again! Christmas is celebrated by hundreds of millions of people around the world each year. Christmas has always been our preciously favorite time of the year. Not only for the branches of the Christmas tree, we traditionally used for Christmas decoration but for the true meaning of Christmas, being with the family and with the people we love. Most if not all of us have things we wish for currently of year though and I do as well. Hoping Santa can grant my wishes... LOL! My wish has little to do with material belongings though and they pretty much remain the same from year to year. I still hope to see my wishes come true, I hope global financial stability can be safeguarded. I wish to see a time for this year. I only want each person to feel completely faultless and total harmony without anxiety, respect from their neighbors, friends and family as they live the life we all get.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter sunshine!

It's turbulently cold outside the spirit of winter is here... Aaaarrrgggg! We see a little sunshine popping out of the clouds this afternoon. Well, it continues to be extremely cold with a few peeks of sun. The day forecast contains much of the same and we are locked into a cold weather pattern now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pigeons in Venice!

I got this shot on my second trip to Venice, Italy. Showing the beauty of Venice in a different way. A huge crowd is like that they will never ends! I have observed deep in my thought the true meaning of Venice and made the perfect shot. These birds are not afraid because they are used to the tourists.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Range Bag!

The range bag is a tool for shooters. My husband used many different range bags over the years, with his experiences on shooting, has taken care of those details. For my Christmas gift, I am planning to give him a range bag that is large enough, and something that is contrived for a particular purpose for carrying multiple pistols to the range with all the necessary accessories and tools. Something I think is important, but I know some shooters with back problems who simply cannot have the weight of the gun on the belt all day. I Just remember what my grandfather says that once you have your gear on, you should not need to bag the gun again until the end of the day.

I was browsing on the web and I have found L.A. Police Gear, Inc. They are factory-authorized dealers for most of the brands you see on their website. 5.11 Range Bag really put together to give shooters the best range bag with basic scheme which controls function inputs from range instructors, special operations officers, patrol officers and SWAT to give them what they need and when they head out for a day on the range. From the removable ammo tote with its brass collection bag, to the extra big side pocket with limber magazine holders and a fold down cleaning station, this range bag can handle any type of range function. They have existing ample quantity of room for hearing protection, ammo, magazines, handguns, cleaning supplies and tools. They have even included an extraneous water bottle holder. They are trying to take great joy in helping people like me to get the gear that my husband want and need. They have best design for carrying multiple pistols to the range with all the necessary accessories and tools. They are experts in delivering the best gear the world has to offer.