Thursday, April 28, 2016

Be A Responsible Digital Denizen!

Technology has played a massive role in our lives. Social media may go through a place where people can just be themselves and say things they wouldn’t typically say in public. However, what you are publishing online, everyone can look in the public earthly sphere.   It is going to stay and will continue to affect lives one way or another,  so better we exercise good judgment and good sense. Take a moment to think about what you are posting before you do, ask yourself how will this affect my future?  The modesty of the internet allows us to bring about an identity that is different from our true selves, but it doesn’t mean that we are free to abuse this new identity by being cheeky and cruel to other people on the World Wide Web.

Be a responsible digital Denizen. Be mindful about what you post and share, respect a high standards of algebraic values. We can delete our posts but once read, we can never retract the message it communicated to the people who have seen it. Aside from all these mentioned, one important thing is not to annoy people by flooding them with game requests or just about any other application requests, especially if they don't seem to show interest to them. In that way,  we don't only become responsible but also considerate. Don’t be a bracket handcuffs to your own ankles. Make a pretty life online!