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Finding Your Soul Mate

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I went to the mall yesterday morning to train my thoughts and held-back my energy before I go to my Culinary Cooking Class. Just want to find ways to sit around my mind and body. While I was straying around, I saw stuff displayed that catches my attention and I bought it.


I'm trying very hard to be a conscious shopper, but that does not stop me from admiring finer things in life like shoes. Like other woman, I love shoes. I have shoes to put in their place and they have walked their last mile, time to let go. Summer is coming, I need some new shoes. I came across Kameil Shoes in my search a while ago at my Facebook account. If you are a kind of person that loves shoes, you should visit this Website that I recently found out. Their luxury shoes something worth to checking out they are developing Italian quality brand.

Spring is here!

I love Spring! All of the pretty flowers blooming everywhere.... Everywhere you go, the smell of spring is upon us. Everywhere with exciting content!

Web hosting

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Purple Tulip!

The color purple is the color of royalty, mystery, ecstasy and otherworldliness. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often inspire their own nitty-gritty. Tulips is a sure delight, with captivating charm and simplicity. Tulips are one of the few flowers that continue to stretch after they have been cut, often enlarge unduly toward a light source or opposite the force of heaviness...

Blog Portal

As busy as I am, I still have the break to make a community aggregator or blog portal online. Just awhile ago, I have created a blog portal. I used blog portal from, the spot where bloggers gather. Other information included on the portal page include list of links to the personal Web sites that provides updated articles of other sites interest to the user included in the blog portal and display of other news feeds of interested to the community. I think this is a good way to support one another. I am inviting you to join and start your own blog portal. Submit your blogs to the new blog portals now.

Spring sky backdrop

I missed being online! Hmmmmmmm, I am way behind..... you might have filled with awe, what’s up here? I have put blogging aside... sorry guys!!!! Ohhhh! I would love to share my Sky photo!!!

Dressing up!

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Thank you!

After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting myself... My life is very crazy and busy, Lol! As busy as I claim to be... Thank you so much for your visits when I was away.....

Wood furniture!

Investing for our own bedroom furniture sometimes could be pretty penny and it brings a certain ease for use to spend our money on. I strongly think that snugly warm and comfortable feeling is important for a bedroom furniture. While browsing the Internet, I saw this rustic log bed and makes me imagine a warm welcoming feeling in our home. Coming home with wood furniture brings our mind to a different place where the scenery relaxes our irksome day. We always want an elegant looking that will last for years to come. I think rustic furniture have the best factor to look at the worthwhile use for bedroom.

Wordless Holiday Spot!

Yes, Easter holidays!!!! The questions start to arise.... Where are we going? Who are you going to spend the holidays with?

Live the dream!

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