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Elderflowers reaching into the blue sky!

There's much more to it than just a cordial flavouring, elderflowers are something like a fresh herb..... reaching into the blue sky! I like elderflowers, they remind me of being youthful!!! LOL!

Our neighbor's cat!!!

Nothing like a great neighbor's cat wanting some interplay to key up my day!!! LOL! As what they said cats rely more on smell than taste, and have a much better sense of smell than humans.

The Benefits of Benefit!!!

The contents of the astonishing package I got from a good friend in Germany. I am definitely the luckiest swine in the city, I’m excited to play and connect with Benefit. No more sixty-four dollar question... full of spirit luxury brand!!! It’s such a good quality make up, forasmuch as Benefit Cosmetics is a sister company to Louis Vuitton. Thank you so much for these lofty care package, Stephanie!!!