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How do you find motivation in your life?

1.   S ubmission, of the past. Yes, we have been hurt, who hasn’t experienced an emotional pain? If not, then you are lucky! But you know that big-league is to feel them fully and then move on.  2.  T ime,  we are all allotted 24 hours in each day, no matter what you do, where you’re from, each moment is precious, time to gain a new perspective in life. 3.  R ope to leeway is allowing yourself to-be comfortable with discomfort that you always run for the exits every time it arises. 4.   A nticipation is powerful good feeling that has the resources to improve life . Something we all need to look forward to life, can often help energize our lives, and even help us get through tough times. 5. T ruth is about living on your own terms after it will guide you correctly. You cannot undo the past. All you can do is keep trying because attempt and struggles are signs that you are making progress. 6. E ndurance -  Enduring the luck of life and getting from where you are, where you wa

How to figure out if your friends are your real friends or "frenemies"?

We know the graceless and troublesome realities, you might find "frenemies"  behind your own cold-shoulder responses.  How to figure out if your friends are your real friends or friend-enemies? 1. You can hear from them when times were valuable to treasure, but after they disappear. *** Real friends care about you and hear you when you are quiet. 2. They put you in a remote direction and on a sloping down-ward stage. *** Pretty real friends, always have a shoulder to cry on, for you when you are at unpleasant spot, they are with you in the good and bad times.  3. Friend-enemies will treat your secrets like it's nothing with that principle dote of the sacred. *** A real friends values that self-possession and will not tell anyone. 4. They are superficial people don't know how to give compliments, they pride themselves on hanging out and hooking up. ** *Real friends will be there every mark of the way, they give the facts grounded to anythin