How to figure out if your friends are your real friends or "frenemies"?

We know the graceless and troublesome realities, you might find "frenemies"  behind your own cold-shoulder responses. 

How to figure out if your friends are your real friends or friend-enemies?

1. You can hear from them when times were valuable to treasure, but after they disappear.
*** Real friends care about you and hear you when you are quiet.

2. They put you in a remote direction and on a sloping down-ward stage.
*** Pretty real friends, always have a shoulder to cry on, for you when you are at unpleasant spot, they are with you in the good and bad times. 

3. Friend-enemies will treat your secrets like it's nothing with that principle dote of the sacred.
*** A real friends values that self-possession and will not tell anyone.

4. They are superficial people don't know how to give compliments, they pride themselves on hanging out and hooking up.
***Real friends will be there every mark of the way, they give the facts grounded to anything and everything.

5. They do not make time for you.
*** Time doesn't matter for real friends, they want to spend time with you.

6. Time to dress to make a splash! If you have to put superior clothes, do your hair and smell marvelous, just to hang out with, then you are going to your friend-enemies.
***A true friends can see you over in pajamas with unwashed hair. 

7. They make the back-fence talk on you.
*** Real people will not make the sign of emotional immaturity, will not give you the tear-jerking push bag, instead they will gift you the gorgeous saddlebag.

Put -in to take off weight,  the baneful people from your life is a creative blight to a pretty lifestyle!


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