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I can never do a wordless without saying something.... LOL! I definitely cannot describe all the positively amazing things that happened. Have a great day Everyone!

Great marketing opportunity!

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I took this photo during our recent trip to Tuscany. Siena is one of the most fascinating and one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany. I do not have time updating my blog over the past few days... But I'm trying to be part of this fun weekly....

View form my window!

It was in the morning when I was waken up by the natural sounds of the birds twittering and chirping in over the nearby trees. I just cannot help feel the calmness, quietness and tenderness brought by this particular natural episode of life.

Scenic Furniture!

A helpful tip-off, do renovations before you have kids, at all possible. I have mentioned before that we have been replenishing our house, which is what it feels like. I always thought when I was younger that I had like more modern stuff but as I grew, I soon realized that rustic furniture is seemly on the nose of my taste. Scenic Furniture is best stop locus for rustic wood furniture. Scenic Furniture in our house!


Through wisdom is a house built. By understanding it is established. By knowledge every room filled with precious and pleasant riches.... quote from the Bible

Perfume prate!

Come summer, I am glimmering to have my summer sweet zest and I think I could pretty well look over a new scent. I cannot go out of the house without a body fragrance, without perfume I always think I am wearing only a smile. Perfume is fine and dandy touch accessory, like an enthralling dress and mattering much factor for the outward aspect of a person. Perfumes or colognes is always used to flesh out the smell and make a well-heeled living. All this Talk Perfume makes me want to go on another perfume shopping spree. I want something beauteous, from my winter full-figured fragrance to a lighter sweet scent.

Weekend craze!

We're moving into a full clinch of summer heat now. We went last weekend to nearby town and looked this ice cream shop... Just love to share this capture of mine last weekend!!! Hi! Mommy Rose, I hope you have a great birthday. I want to wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have another wonderful year!