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Touch of Pink!

I love tulips! Tulips have always been my favorite flower. They are really beautiful and like roses some with imaginary scents.


I can never do a wordless without saying something.... LOL! I definitely cannot describe all the positively amazing things that happened. Have a great day Everyone!

Great marketing opportunity!

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I took this photo during our recent trip to Tuscany. Siena is one of the most fascinating and one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany. I do not have time updating my blog over the past few days... But I'm trying to be part of this fun weekly....

View form my window!

It was in the morning when I was waken up by the natural sounds of the birds twittering and chirping in over the nearby trees. I just cannot help feel the calmness, quietness and tenderness brought by this particular natural episode of life.

Scenic Furniture!

A helpful tip-off, do renovations before you have kids, at all possible. I have mentioned before that we have been replenishing our house, which is what it feels like. I always thought when I was younger that I had like more modern stuff but as I grew, I soon realized that rustic furniture is seemly on the nose of my taste. Scenic Furniture is best stop locus for rustic wood furniture. Scenic Furniture in our house!


Through wisdom is a house built. By understanding it is established. By knowledge every room filled with precious and pleasant riches.... quote from the Bible

Perfume prate!

Come summer, I am glimmering to have my summer sweet zest and I think I could pretty well look over a new scent. I cannot go out of the house without a body fragrance, without perfume I always think I am wearing only a smile. Perfume is fine and dandy touch accessory, like an enthralling dress and mattering much factor for the outward aspect of a person. Perfumes or colognes is always used to flesh out the smell and make a well-heeled living. All this Talk Perfume makes me want to go on another perfume shopping spree. I want something beauteous, from my winter full-figured fragrance to a lighter sweet scent.

Weekend craze!

We're moving into a full clinch of summer heat now. We went last weekend to nearby town and looked this ice cream shop... Just love to share this capture of mine last weekend!!! Hi! Mommy Rose, I hope you have a great birthday. I want to wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have another wonderful year!

Make your own design!

Make your own screen printing T-shirts . If you are a kind of person that loves to make your own design, to have a personalized gifts and other promotional commodities for you corporate clients. You should visit this Website that I recently found out. Their products are something worth to look at, they offer relatively low in price with no minimums!

Spam mails!

Spam mails made my day... grrrr! As I was reading my emails the other day... I've had problems with unrequested email coming from some companies that, I had deals with, but I never requested to get their newsletter. Just got a load of automatic subscription to their newsletters even I only purchased one product from them.

Power steering!

Back in the day when I learned to drive the car was without power steering and power brakes. New vehicles now have power steering, the steering had a better starched feeling and owing to the newest wrinkle toward front wheel drive that gives us better driving experience. It helps us, spirit-up our car better and so that we will not easily feel tired whenever we ride our car. At this Website, we can buy highest quality of steering box and steering rack. The power steering box , rack, and accessories are sold at marked down price, helps to save more. All their parts come with a full warranty. The warranty is in fine feather in their business because they will pay the shipment fees for the product replacement and pay for the return if there is a problem. The gain advantage if we buy now, we will receive free shipping for all their products.

Electronic map book

Oh my guide! Lead me to where I want to go. Driving in a foreign country is never easy. New roads, unfamiliar landmarks. I hate driving before, but now is completely different.... "Hmmmmmm, I try where this way leads me". Yes!!! I have cooked up a storm so quick for being adventurous and impulsive. Having a toy like this in your car.... leave no stone unturned and we can turn the world inside out(!)

Sell Downloads Online

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Our wordless side trip !

Living in Europe is like a furlough all the time. Waffling through the graze-picture of the seaside house garden framed us to have a hook line and sinker-relaxing afternoon. Ligurian turquoise sea is a magical place to visit, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for relief from the tension effect of everyday life.

Property Management

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coming up!

It's finally time to embark on those winter boots and let your tootsies open the floodgates. It has taken me awhile to be able to write our most recent junket. More pictures and stories coming up...

Smart strike!

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The world little plastic beings!

We all enter the world little plastic beings, with so much natural force, perhaps, but for the rest / blank; and the world tells us what we are to be, and shapes us by the ends it sets before us. To you it says / Work; and to us it says / Seem! To you it says / As you approximate to man's highest ideal of God, as your arm is strong and your knowledge great, and the power to labor is with you, so you shall gain all that human heart desires. To us it says / Strength shall not help you, nor knowledge, nor labor. You shall gain what men gain, but by other means. And so the world makes men and women............................ by Olive Schreiner

Code Collaboration

Entrepreneurs who are riding out the rapids of operation under the direct control of communication, needed to build a straight talk. When we are engaging online communication, and we understand enough about it to see the potential expression for our businesses, sometimes we are missing the code. We are sometimes showing lack of information, so we need a collaboration code. What’s this " Code Collaboration " thing? It is just a spoken exchange of thoughts shall we say an opinion starter. I got this from my compeer, just pieces of knowledge added together. We bloggers' come bounce around and see what we can discover. It represents a brilliant start on how to implement appropriate levels collaborative debugging. ASCIIBin is a portal worth looking into. It started out as a simple Website consisting of a text box, a Web application which allows its users to upload fragments of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing. We can paste any code into a commend

It’s been a while!

It’s been a while (!) Thank you so much for your visits, when I was out of the loop... The creation of the modern travel, campers are a fun way to take a long trip. The best way to experience a very cozy scenery and spending like snug as a bug in a rug, and we can stop in a beautiful surroundings...

Join now!

Does God really exist? In our everyday experience, just about something extremely seems to have a beginning. We all have faith in many things that we have never seen. In fact, the laws of science exhibit that even things look the same through life, like the sun and other stars, are running down. Some people describe them using jazzy words, and others cannot even begin to explain an emotion so great in character. The Baptist Muse is an independent Baptist Community, a social utility that connects people, expand your network and implement your brilliant ideas, view profiles and add new friends. You can share your photos and videos too. Create your own group and join others, becoming the hindmost holder may not carry instantaneous crop for you and your professional ambitions. It is important to expand your contact list beyond just family and friends. When you need it, you will have the top blooming network to lend you a hand. Cast in a heap and open your ears when someone says th


Sorry guys!!!! I have put the big divvy of my life aside.... "blogging." LOL! Thank you so much for your walks at my little corner when I was away.

Finding Your Soul Mate

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I went to the mall yesterday morning to train my thoughts and held-back my energy before I go to my Culinary Cooking Class. Just want to find ways to sit around my mind and body. While I was straying around, I saw stuff displayed that catches my attention and I bought it.


I'm trying very hard to be a conscious shopper, but that does not stop me from admiring finer things in life like shoes. Like other woman, I love shoes. I have shoes to put in their place and they have walked their last mile, time to let go. Summer is coming, I need some new shoes. I came across Kameil Shoes in my search a while ago at my Facebook account. If you are a kind of person that loves shoes, you should visit this Website that I recently found out. Their luxury shoes something worth to checking out they are developing Italian quality brand.

Spring is here!

I love Spring! All of the pretty flowers blooming everywhere.... Everywhere you go, the smell of spring is upon us. Everywhere with exciting content!

Web hosting

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Purple Tulip!

The color purple is the color of royalty, mystery, ecstasy and otherworldliness. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often inspire their own nitty-gritty. Tulips is a sure delight, with captivating charm and simplicity. Tulips are one of the few flowers that continue to stretch after they have been cut, often enlarge unduly toward a light source or opposite the force of heaviness...

Blog Portal

As busy as I am, I still have the break to make a community aggregator or blog portal online. Just awhile ago, I have created a blog portal. I used blog portal from, the spot where bloggers gather. Other information included on the portal page include list of links to the personal Web sites that provides updated articles of other sites interest to the user included in the blog portal and display of other news feeds of interested to the community. I think this is a good way to support one another. I am inviting you to join and start your own blog portal. Submit your blogs to the new blog portals now.

Spring sky backdrop

I missed being online! Hmmmmmmm, I am way behind..... you might have filled with awe, what’s up here? I have put blogging aside... sorry guys!!!! Ohhhh! I would love to share my Sky photo!!!

Dressing up!

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Thank you!

After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting myself... My life is very crazy and busy, Lol! As busy as I claim to be... Thank you so much for your visits when I was away.....

Wood furniture!

Investing for our own bedroom furniture sometimes could be pretty penny and it brings a certain ease for use to spend our money on. I strongly think that snugly warm and comfortable feeling is important for a bedroom furniture. While browsing the Internet, I saw this rustic log bed and makes me imagine a warm welcoming feeling in our home. Coming home with wood furniture brings our mind to a different place where the scenery relaxes our irksome day. We always want an elegant looking that will last for years to come. I think rustic furniture have the best factor to look at the worthwhile use for bedroom.

Wordless Holiday Spot!

Yes, Easter holidays!!!! The questions start to arise.... Where are we going? Who are you going to spend the holidays with?

Live the dream!

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Hello World!

I'm finally back! I have missed blogging... Been busy this passed weeks... Thank you so much for your visits when I was away. Photo courtesy of my friend Annalei... "Thanks a lot!"


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Wordless Space!

Sometimes taking a break from the normal-quotidian-routine is very important. I may not be able to update the blog as much as I want. I will be out of the blog world, I have to fly apart other activities that are not part of my regular routine... I hope to be back to my posting mode before the end of the month. In case of "world-weariness" just visit other blogs listed on my blog list. Until then, enjoy pretty life online!

Worry-free living!

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Getting warmer!

It is getting warmer and warmer by the day! I'm loving it.... I am so excited for spring to completely be here! I have been gone for a while. I am sorry for the missed out visits. I have not actually made a rake-off to the blog world lately... LOL!

Our confidential concerns!

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Bridges, Venice Italy

Venice, Italy could claim the label of most romantic city in the world. Venice was the best place to be for our special time.... It's a City that could have been invented for honeymoon vacations. There is a lot to say, there's a lot to see and enjoy...


Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain were just some of the countries with remarkable degrees of low temperatures... Freezing temperatures have muddled across Europe as ice and snow have brought traffic to stop and closed roads. The ice was here. The ice was there. The ice was all around!

Painful addiction!

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Wordless fun!

Skiing was fun. It was awesome! Only 3 days of January left and the days are getting longer.... I am not ready for spring... Well, if there are folks out there longing for spring, who am I to say "NO".... LOL!

Digital Photo Frame

I love taking photos. Since my early teens I collect tons of photos. Every event in my life, I always want all memories are saved intact. Thanks to the progressive growth of technology and with my new digital camera that hubby gave to me. I was glazing the Web and found this Digital Photo Frame at very affordable prices. With technology's pace and advancement, I can wake up each day recollects and tell passed special events. All my photos will save through this Ceiva digital photo frames and I can even customize my pictures and send them as postcards to my distant friends and relatives with this digital photo frame. I can capture now numberless and rife of photos. The company has a new special offer for only $29.99 and they offer free ground shipping. Further, my friends and relatives can send through these great frames their pictures for free without long distance charges. These frames provide security that only my friends and relatives can send. I can set my security feature on

Weekend Skiing!

Weekend of skiing is inveigling! Yes, we went skiing, we took the unforgettable rides with the breathtaking cable skiing rides. Me, hubby and some friends got in one cabin, a little squeamish at the beginning whiles crowding before the cabin loaded with our skies and boards for our ride. We booted in and our ride started, we could not help but enjoy. And it was really a whimsical and enjoyable day!

Find your favorite!

This forum gives us a chance to get general information about paintball merchandise. We enjoy one of the best paintball forums around. Check it now and you can find your favorite paintball message forum and get some scenario talk, paintball stores, paintball markers and others.


When I was still in Philippines, when I wanted it.... I never really watched what I was eating and I could go through a bag of these chips. Spine-tingling but just one of those things once you start it's hard to stop. They are thin and have a good amount of flavoring on each chip. Very tasty alone! Missing it now! LOL!

Work Boots!

I am so happy for him that everything is all right now for my brother. I have talked to my brother and he told me that, now he enjoys working with all the different people involved, from architects and to beginning carpenters. It's all about doing things as if his working on and buying what he needs, like a working boots. He is trying to find it online and found this Website that he likes to buy a working Boot . These I believe now that he knows how and he will work on his new career. Whether you are a biker, hunter, hiker, or a tradesman, you are sure to find the highest quality of boots they make. If you are always running around from one errand to the next, it's important to find a boot that looks good, just visit the Website, I am sure you can find the best boot that bests fits you. You will find bests quality, comfortable footwear for the most clamorous environments. They will keep you safe and more than adequate at relatively low in price. I found it to the great boots f


My Birthday was long expired and it was last January 11, 2009. I probably enjoyed my birthday spree too much, which brings me to the reason for this entry. It is time to pay my dues to the people who celebrated with me. BIG THANKS to all my friends who sent in their greetings and thank you so much to all, my online friends who greeted me here.

Cool stuff!

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Winter Sale

Shopping is woman thing. Bargain is something we cannot use at a price we cannot resist.... Whether you are a snowbird or a snow bunny, there are many deals to be found in "Winter Sale", this is the best time to take advantage of great bargains. Buying something on sale is a very special feeling, the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me... Shopping made my day once again... LOL!

Storage idea!

Self-depository units have adapted to the ordinary taste in recent years. Many people find themselves in need of more storage space than their own homes. Cruel hot or cold weather can ruin items stored in storage units, if you live or work in a terrestrial area, climate controlled storage unit provides the ideal solution for storing your personal and business-related items.


The hat is a characteristic mode of the women in every moment. A hat is a disagreement opinion among wearing clothes and wearing a costume. The difference among being dressed and being dressed up. Hat is a piece of magic and speaks for itself. This reminds me of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel story, she started selling hats and a limited line of garments in 1883 to 1971, a designer who made an audacious and lasting impression on women's fashion in the twentieth century.

One of the best gifts!

Sunday, January 11.... was my birthday and my super-duper hubby gave me ♪♫♫♫♫♪ "Lumix 8.1MP Digital Camera" and wrapped in brown paper tied with string.... LOL! I enjoyed opening it. One of the best birthday gifts I got!