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Wordless fun!

Skiing was fun. It was awesome! Only 3 days of January left and the days are getting longer.... I am not ready for spring... Well, if there are folks out there longing for spring, who am I to say "NO".... LOL!

Digital Photo Frame

I love taking photos. Since my early teens I collect tons of photos. Every event in my life, I always want all memories are saved intact. Thanks to the progressive growth of technology and with my new digital camera that hubby gave to me. I was glazing the Web and found this Digital Photo Frame at very affordable prices. With technology's pace and advancement, I can wake up each day recollects and tell passed special events. All my photos will save through this Ceiva digital photo frames and I can even customize my pictures and send them as postcards to my distant friends and relatives with this digital photo frame. I can capture now numberless and rife of photos. The company has a new special offer for only $29.99 and they offer free ground shipping. Further, my friends and relatives can send through these great frames their pictures for free without long distance charges. These frames provide security that only my friends and relatives can send. I can set my security feature on

Weekend Skiing!

Weekend of skiing is inveigling! Yes, we went skiing, we took the unforgettable rides with the breathtaking cable skiing rides. Me, hubby and some friends got in one cabin, a little squeamish at the beginning whiles crowding before the cabin loaded with our skies and boards for our ride. We booted in and our ride started, we could not help but enjoy. And it was really a whimsical and enjoyable day!

Find your favorite!

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When I was still in Philippines, when I wanted it.... I never really watched what I was eating and I could go through a bag of these chips. Spine-tingling but just one of those things once you start it's hard to stop. They are thin and have a good amount of flavoring on each chip. Very tasty alone! Missing it now! LOL!

Work Boots!

I am so happy for him that everything is all right now for my brother. I have talked to my brother and he told me that, now he enjoys working with all the different people involved, from architects and to beginning carpenters. It's all about doing things as if his working on and buying what he needs, like a working boots. He is trying to find it online and found this Website that he likes to buy a working Boot . These I believe now that he knows how and he will work on his new career. Whether you are a biker, hunter, hiker, or a tradesman, you are sure to find the highest quality of boots they make. If you are always running around from one errand to the next, it's important to find a boot that looks good, just visit the Website, I am sure you can find the best boot that bests fits you. You will find bests quality, comfortable footwear for the most clamorous environments. They will keep you safe and more than adequate at relatively low in price. I found it to the great boots f


My Birthday was long expired and it was last January 11, 2009. I probably enjoyed my birthday spree too much, which brings me to the reason for this entry. It is time to pay my dues to the people who celebrated with me. BIG THANKS to all my friends who sent in their greetings and thank you so much to all, my online friends who greeted me here.

Cool stuff!

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Winter Sale

Shopping is woman thing. Bargain is something we cannot use at a price we cannot resist.... Whether you are a snowbird or a snow bunny, there are many deals to be found in "Winter Sale", this is the best time to take advantage of great bargains. Buying something on sale is a very special feeling, the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me... Shopping made my day once again... LOL!

Storage idea!

Self-depository units have adapted to the ordinary taste in recent years. Many people find themselves in need of more storage space than their own homes. Cruel hot or cold weather can ruin items stored in storage units, if you live or work in a terrestrial area, climate controlled storage unit provides the ideal solution for storing your personal and business-related items.


The hat is a characteristic mode of the women in every moment. A hat is a disagreement opinion among wearing clothes and wearing a costume. The difference among being dressed and being dressed up. Hat is a piece of magic and speaks for itself. This reminds me of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel story, she started selling hats and a limited line of garments in 1883 to 1971, a designer who made an audacious and lasting impression on women's fashion in the twentieth century.

One of the best gifts!

Sunday, January 11.... was my birthday and my super-duper hubby gave me ♪♫♫♫♫♪ "Lumix 8.1MP Digital Camera" and wrapped in brown paper tied with string.... LOL! I enjoyed opening it. One of the best birthday gifts I got!

Games for Kids!

It's the time to get back to productive work. Just after new year, joyful days are over again. Some people had an inevitable slack down after the holidays. For me, was an inestimable experience and I wish I could have had more time with my nephews and niece. One thing I love about the Internet is the immeasurable number of games for us online. I was browsing the Internet and found this Website and reminds me of my nephews and niece. The best fun way to spend time with kids and they absolutely love this game like the legends of King Arthur, an adventurous game. I am missing my nephews and niece now. I am sure they loved to march their soldiers across the operational drawbridge to attack, put their jailbirds of war in the underground jail, and discover some hidden corners of the castle whiles the walls break down in battle mode. The King Arthur figure can join his zealous upholders at the legendary round table, complete with plates and mini goblets at finished of the fight. It shoul

Birthday Aftermath!

It's finally here.... Happy Birthday to me!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!! I am alive. I am healthy. I am loved. I consider myself very lucky. Life is just getting good, been blessed with a wonderful hubby, No gift in the world could quite compare, nothing else in life I want, except world peace.... LOL! mmmmmmmm....... I wonder if I blow out the candles I will get that one.... Ohhhhh!!! thanks Mom for giving me life. I wish everyone a happy weekend!!!!

Brain Fuel!

Fruits has an incontrovertible effect on our brains and makes you bring back information easier and faster... fruit is the conclusive brain fuel. Many have gratifying determination to act in certain ways at the start of the year "I am in same boat too," make a good diet plan for a fresh start and plod heavily out in the gym for the first or two months, only to spend the rest of the year on the sofa. LOL!!!!

Hope for 2009!

The white frosty New Year's Eve made for a stiffened end to 2008. Hoping that 2009 will be a pretty better than 2008. Hope everyone has a fantastic time with friends and loved ones, and a prosperous and fruitful new year in 2009.... Happy new and much better year 2009 to all of you!!!! Sorry to everyone for my absence... I am just incredibly busy as usual... Thanks are always so heartfelt to everyone who takes the time to visit my corner. I wish everybody all the best for 2009...