Thursday, April 3, 2008

The derive benefits of orange fruit

1. Great source of Vitamin C.
2. Effective antioxidant.
3. Help boost body’s immune system.
4. Help you burn calories.
5. Valuable in the treatment of constipation.
6. Remedy for tooth decay, gum diseases, gastric and duodenal ulcers.
7. Improve fertility.
8. Help the body get rid of carcinogens.
9. Repress heart disease.
10. Treatment excessive thirst, colds and flu, and acid deposits in the body.
11. Inhibit mild depression.
12. Help lower the risk of macular degeneration and other eye diseases.
13. Lastly, orange contributes to good health and longevity.....

I do love fruits! I eat them whenever they appear at the table. Orange fruit is one of my favorite because it's good for my health and it also can bring some cool feeling when we eat it.


  1. i also love fruits! thanks for dropping by..

  2. I love fruit too, and I do love orange--oranges, cantaloupe, peaches...those are considered orange too right?

  3. Very helpful!

    PS I'm also Deanna at Collectors' Quest, where you commented on my TT there.

  4. We are big fruit eaters in my house. Happy T13!

  5. Ooh, I love oranges and orange juice. My day would not start off right without my glass of orange juice.
    Thanks for stopping by, Maribeth

  6. Thanks for stopping by my T13! Guess I should eat this orange that's sitting on my desk then!

    Great info...

  7. Thanks for stopping by. Great list here! So, they help burn calories?! I'm going for some oranges! :) I love fruit.

  8. AND there is no English word that rhymes with orange! Personally I am more of a grapefruit fan but I love orange juice.

    Thanks for visiting my 13 iPod song by the Mystery artist.

  9. Yumm!!! You're making me hungry for oranges. Great list...and thanks for visiting mine!

  10. I better start eating oranges if I want to have another baby :)

    I didn't know that there are so many benefits of eating oranges. I'm now reconsidering eating oranges more than the apples that I eat.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Thursday!

  11. I love orange juice, especially fresh squeezed. Good thing oranges are so good. Great TT!

  12. i just bought a bag of this at the supermarket last night. we love this fruit.

  13. Oooh now I want an orange!! Thanks and thanks for stopping by my blog and my meme!

  14. Thanks for stoping by- I'm sitting here eating my clementines right now! MMM! :-)

  15. Lately, I have been craving oranges. I eat about 2 a day. And for some odd reason, the prices on oranges haven't risen in awhile. I shouldn't say anything, or oops! they will.

    Thanks for the list! I feel much better about my new obsession!

  16. And they taste nice too. Quite rare, for something that is good for you!

  17. Hi! that is a pretty cool list! I love Oranges too!I didnt know that oranges help to burn calories! now i guess I'll make oranges my favorite fruit!:)
    thanks for visiting my blog!:)

  18. Plus they just taste really awesome! Great list!

  19. Great TT. Citrus is so good for you! =P

  20. nice idea..thanks for sharing....

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