Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday sale!

It's raining today, I woke up to a freezing -3 degrees and wind brisk of 25 below 0. A very strong gust of wind like to stay below the intense outburst danger level for the next few days. There is nothing like going on a dignified calmness vacation, even if winter time. I have talked yesterday to my best friend and inviting us to spend Christmas vacation with them in New Jersey. She told me about New Jersey Shore beach vacation, even though winter time is here, we can take advantage of many indoor activities. There are many places to stay in New Jersey, so it should not be hard for us to find a hotel if my husband likes to stay in a hotel. While I was talking to my friend I am browsing the Internet too and I was electrified at this amusement park. A great place to walk at one's convenience with the famous boardwalk and they have many attractions along the way. Now, they currently have an annual holiday sale. The sale runs December one through January nine and customers can saved nearly 40% on a Season pass to both water parks. I hope my husband will likes this idea.