Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Code Collaboration

Entrepreneurs who are riding out the rapids of operation under the direct control of communication, needed to build a straight talk. When we are engaging online communication, and we understand enough about it to see the potential expression for our businesses, sometimes we are missing the code. We are sometimes showing lack of information, so we need a collaboration code. What’s this "Code Collaboration" thing? It is just a spoken exchange of thoughts shall we say an opinion starter. I got this from my compeer, just pieces of knowledge added together. We bloggers' come bounce around and see what we can discover. It represents a brilliant start on how to implement appropriate levels collaborative debugging. ASCIIBin is a portal worth looking into. It started out as a simple Website consisting of a text box, a Web application which allows its users to upload fragments of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing. We can paste any code into a commendable text area and we choose syntax highlighting. The intended purpose to give the ability to copy and paste between computers and devices. Turning the spotlight on then redirected to URL which we can copy and send to anyone else so that they can view the code.