13 Popular Fashion Brands

1. Burberry was founded in 1856 when 21-year-old Thomas Burberry, a former draper's apprentice, opened his own store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. Burberry a British luxury fashion house, manufacturing clothing and other apparel.

2. The House of Chanel , more commonly known as Chanel, is a Parisian fashion house in France founded by Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel (Founded 1910's).

3. The Louis Vuitton Company more commonly known simply as Louis Vuitton was born in Jura, France (now part of the commune of Lavans-sur-Valouse), but moved to Paris in 1835. A luxury French fashion and leather goods brand and company, headquartered in Paris, France.

4. Givenchy is a French brand of clothing, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. It was founded in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy.

5. Christian Dior (January 21, 1905 – October 23, 1957), was an influential French fashion designer. He was born in Granville, Manche, Normandy, France.

6. Salvatore Ferragamo Founded 1927 to its historical Florence,Italy Salvatore Ferragamo (June 5, 1898 - August 7, 1960) was a 20th century Italian footwear.

7. Prada is considered one of the most influential clothing designers in the fashion industry. was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan in 1978.

8. Dolce & Gabbana Founded 1985 (pronounced dol-che gabb-an-a) is a high-end fashion house started by the Italian designers Domenico Dolce, born near Palermo, Sicily and Stefano Gabbana, born in Milan, Italy.

9. Gucci, is an Italian French-owned iconic fashion and leather goods label. It was founded by Guccio Gucci (b.1881 - d.1953) in Florence in 1906. Gucci considered one of the most famous, prestigious, and easily recognizable fashion brands in the world.

10. Gianni Versace (December 2, 1946 – July 15, 1997) was an accomplished Italian designer of both clothing and theater costumes.

11. Giorgio Armani (born 11 July 1934) is an Italian fashion designer, from Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

13. Bulgari (usually written "BVLGARI" in ancient Roman style) is named after its founder, Greek Sotirio Bulgari The company was founded in 1884 in Rome, Italy. The current flagship store was opened in 1905 by Bulgari with the help of his two sons (Costantino and Giorgio) and the store quickly became a place where the world's rich and famous came for the unique, high quality jewelry designs combining Greek and Roman art.


  1. An informative list. Thanks for that.

  2. Our top designer works for Wal-Mart and prefers to remain anonymous at this time!

    Great list.

  3. Whoa...interesting. My top designer is...well, nevermind.

    Mine's posted. Hope to see you visit if you can. Have a super T-13 kinda day.

  4. Great list idea! I wish I could afford to shop from them. Instead I settle for knock-offs :) Happy TT

  5. I loved that list. I didn't know any of this stuff!

  6. Great info and list. Happy TT.

  7. 90 votes for you sis! congrats..

  8. #3 - you can never have too much of, trust me. Sev years ago an idiot neighbor left their tub on and went out of town, completely flooded my bedroom. Ruined 3 pieces of LV. My most fun shopping ever was spending $6000 on nothing but Louis Vuitton! (My best friend's daughter compared me to one of the Katrina refugees who used their FEMA money on gambling and 1-900 calls!

    Gucci is okay, but the shoes don't fit me all that well. I love their scarves, and have about 15 of 'em. (only get 1 scarf a year).

    Ferragamo is going downhill, I think. Stuart Weitzman is taking it's place.

    The Pink Flamingo

  9. Interesting list. I've never worn anything by any of them. Happy TT.

  10. Great info I didnt know most of that!

  11. Now this is my type of list. Can't go wrong with fashion :)

    Happy TT.

  12. I'm not much for fashion. but I voted for you. :o)

  13. Nicely done!!
    I wonder if I will ever wear my stunning Armani suit again?

  14. It's funny, I live here in France & am not very familiar with any of these brands, save for a few by name only.

    Other than Levi's & Converse, I'm usually clueless. ;)

    Cool list - have a great Thursday!

  15. Fascinating 13, I can honestly say I didn't know any of this information. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Neat idea for TT. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your vote.

  17. Interesting Thursday Thirteen - all designers I cant afford!! :-) I voted!

  18. Quite the list. Happy TT!!

  19. Umm, I am not a fashion hound, but this was very interesting to read. Happy TT

    B @ The Love Blog

  20. Did you have a number 12?

    I've always wanted a nice Armani suit for my fella. *sigh*


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