Another blue!

Sorry, I wasn`t able to post an update about my new template, thanks to finalsense. Got a bit bored with my previous template already, so I switched to this one with my new colorful bursting banner. The former dark blue was starting to strain my eyes... now a little lighter... LOL!


  1. It's a very nice banner shot. Hapy weekend

  2. well, your whole blog is so blue! =) That scenic shot is so beautiful!

    My PH entries are posted here and here. Hope you can pass by! Thanks!

  3. Nice one here...Happy weekend.

  4. i love your template!

    here's my BLUE sky. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. just wondering what place did u take your banner pic from? it's really a nice scenery place.

  6. I like your new template sis, nice color...have a nice day...


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