Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Keeping us healthy

I had my yearly check-up today, Every year hubby does customary yearly-check-up and it's kinda a new to me, because when I was still in Philippines, I just had it in our company clinic. Which was a compulsatory procedure and one of the benefits being an employee of the company where I used to work before, but was just a simple checked up. Yearly-check-up is a nifty idea to get it all checked. It is important to have health check-up once every year to check everything. All of these things was about keeping us healthy and getting us healthy. I had my checkup also with my gynecologist, I am in my 30's my first pap smear was just a few years ago..... it's a great relief!...everything seemed normal. We're healthier and envisagely free of hang-ups now. It's been medically proven that I'm full of ardors! I'm happy everything's okey. Now, the only hope and want is to have a baby soon!!!!!

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