Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reminiscing over!

We been to Pisa Italy last weekend, to heap on most of the famous Pisa's many landmarks one of that is the marble Leaning Tower. Hubby and me been driving all day and taking our time in driving carefully because many parts of Tuscany region in Italy have hills many roads wind up and down most of the roads are provincial with a single lane in each direction. Italy is the perfect and beautiful country full of interesting things to travel. Have many tourist spots and for the casual tourist and the educated tourist, lots of tourist attractions like museums, modern art and some other attractions concerning Italian cultural life. We had a lot of fun in our trip because we have looked the panoramic views and beautiful landscapes. One of this we have looked when we stop in a parking area.Had our lunch at the car we parked somewhere in a little village of Tuscany. This was one of the nicest parking area with view and lawn seat that we have looked.

Wow, we just popped up reminiscing over the past!

I cannot remember the name of this place ha! ha! ha! just help me refresh my memory.....

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