Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The sink of married life

Some people are stressed because they have many things to little time. I’m sure if we have to take a piece of paper and list down all the things which are ask strongly with attention is not that easy to fill out the page because everyday is a learning node to the sink of married life "specially to the housewives" just like me. If there is to do, like an urgent stuff, getting at the time what we ought or feel is important, the best way is to make things one step at a time. A simple action will give the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The boredom stage will decrease making ourselves free from hang-ups and move through the game of life with desire and peace in our heart. Yup! I am still slinking at my computer even at this time that I have some work to do in and outside of the house that need to be done before my wonderful hard working husband arrives home. Okey, got to go to the kitchen now need to prepare the lunch and then take a shower. For today at 1:30 pm is my appointment with my dermatologist for my bounty facial jape stuff. By the way, speaking of kitchen and shower. I'm just hoping and dreaming to have a bathroom and kitchen like this. Have a great day everybody!

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