Thursday, October 18, 2007

TV show "Paris to Pinas" touches my hearth

The television show was pretty good spankingly-sad at times. It gets to me mainly because it reminds me that I' am miles away from my family in the Philippines. But it finds me way to endure the tune of living in a foriegn land of Europe. The tv show "Paris to Pinas" was exemplary good because it buff up my spirit and sparkly touches my heart.

I was completely mesmerized by "KC Concepcion" (tv host) knowing that she came from an applauded and well-known family in the Philippines and her things will go smoothly without sacrifices to go out on her own golden crate. Was not easy things to crop on because to make a good result is to be cunny good what ever language and culture we are into. She is so outgoing, so assertive living outside in a foreign land with a different language and culture.

She had meet interesting people while she was still in Paris like the OFW lady that still walking on her own path to have a good life for her family in the Philippines (these.... I' am blubbering in tears). This I always think and remember that all problems are just trials and like storm it will pass and if we are positive with it, we will always win in those trials. Since life is a journey we need a capacious energy to pursue whatever we want in our life. I just love watching the show but was removed in youtube already__ just so sad that the video is no longer available....

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