Friday, October 12, 2007

The fear of being alone

.... Why are so many people afraid to be alone? Why some people didn't realized that being alone is the biggest challenge. We feel empty when we want to share love with another and there isn’t anyone there to be with or in closed connection. But being alone is a determination of life. The truth is that the only time we actually feel the emptiness is when we abdicate ourselves. I was browsing around, I just passed at this video. Ten years ago she was one of Filipina actress that I idolized.

The hard fact that causes the fear of being alone is self-abandonment. If we are brimming boundness for ourselves – listening to ourselves, marveling ourselves, accepting and loving ourselves emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically, we can buzz off the battle-scarred fear of emptiness. Just like this photo.

I think things crop up for a reason to make us who we are and if we change that then who would we be....

It's funny the things I came up with to fill my time when I was alone doing all things freely that was a fabulous sense of fulfillment for me, and have helped myself to learn to live with myself better.... Now, I'm just so lucky I have found someone to dwindled the emptiness.

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