Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let's talk about Tulips

Here comes the rainy days again!!! Gosh! having rain for 6 days straight, I can't do my outdoor activities..... When can we have the perfect sunny autumn days? I think I need to plant my tulip bulbs just before the ground freezes.....

Thank you so much to my sister-in-law for these bulbs!!!

I have gathered information about planting tulips. These tips produce the best chance for the greatest number of tulips to survive the winter and ensures an attractive spring blooming season.
Tulips planting tips:
 Dig a hole approximately 8 inches deep.
 Place bulb in hole with the bulb facing up.
 Space bulbs about 4 to 6 inches apart.
 Cover with dirt and water.

Particularly in the Netherlands where something that is impressive or extraordinary tulip mania set in at one point during the 17th century. Tulips became exceptional in the markets with a doted on prices. Tulips are now grown throughout the world, but people still identify refined and cultured, varieties as "Dutch tulips."

Unfortunately, Europeans gave tulips their name, which comes from the Persian word bearing "turban." The Tulips popularity spread quickly in Netherlands where known to be "the tulip capital of the world."

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