Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The most important essence of life

Food is one of the most important essence of life..... Eating with friends or with our family makes meal times much more enjoyable.... Just remember my independent days, when I was still in Manila(Philippines), I often ate out with my friends rather than eating alone as the saying goes.... 'It’s hard to cook for one person.' Candidly the reason why, was that I had vastly oft lazy-days-cooking, but when I got married my whole life has changed. I love to cook and bake.... now I get a lot of gratification in taking a chunk of ingredients and pinch them into something shipshape and peeping the reactions of people, as they grooving on!!! Garnishing and decorating food adds excitement and making our meals dandily fun. I’ve loved the flurry of cooking!

"some of my handiwork"

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