Things to quit these days!

1. Self doubt.
*** The worst mugger to creativity is self-doubt, make us lose the good deal when we have to win the great deal. If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can do what you never thought possible. Don't let the limitations of others bitter end your vision!
2. Over thinking.
***Is like playing with fire, over thinking causes mental health to downturn and declines to psychological problems, like depression and anxiety.
3. Worrying.
*** At the end of one's rope is an uneasy feeling or being overly concerned about a situation can lead to common distress or uneasiness of mind, a well-known disorder involves to tension, nervousness and a general feeling of unrest that emblem your whole life.
4. Bending over backwards to make everyone happy.
*** Making others happy can lead you to miserable lifeblood, for the reason that you will stop focusing on your own needs, choices and you put all of your energy into accommodating everyone else’s.
5. Living in the past.
*** If you change your thoughts, you can change your feelings, you don’t get distracted by yesterday’s thoughts.
6. Idle talk.
*** Our world is far more hi-tech rococo than it used to be, and that is often to unquestionably problematic gossip. Let's spill the tea and have a pretty life!

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