Stay home and be a responsible digital citizen

Marching your life to be a different drummer is a foolproof classical way, walk away from verbal calumny. Let's stay safe, healthy at home and sooner we can do all. Let us be a responsible digital citizen and be mindful about what we post and share. The schoolyard to social media such as emails, mobile messages, Facebook, messenger, Instagram, Whats app, Youtube and Twitter is an electronic harassment provisions can be a caption to cyber bullying which refers to the use of Internet and mobile technology to HARASS, INTIMIDATE or cause HARM to another person. 
It's something that comes very naturally to us sometimes to gossip. Oh yes, staying home is kind a boring life, so we start the " gossip", in this sense plays a number of different roles in the maintenance of social function to people, but if you have nothing nice to say, better DON'T say anything at all.  Let today be the day-- our virtual lives, are just as over sequence of time allowed as our real ones. Just steep at height for now and stay with exciting hope for everyone’s survival and make a Pretty Life Online!

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