Christmas is coming to town!

Christmas is coming to town! Let's face it dudes, the time to start preparing for the holiday's is briskly hard.... Have you already started your christmas shopping? What did you buy? LOL!
A Christmas tree genuinely nothing more than a decorative in addition to the celebration. What you are seeing is a captured candid shot as we "hubby and me" working on it!!!!! Hmmmmmmm!!!!! the glass balls on it stands for the manifold planets and globes. We just want a magical mysterious looking tree that connect everything else all throughout with the symbolic and blithesome things. I still have lots and lots of stuff, to put, hope to finish it..... at an early time! LOL!


  1. Woo hooo....paskong pasko na sa inyo ah. Dito hindi pa kasi we're waiting for thanksgiving to be over. Baka this Saturday. I don't even want to mention it to our little girl kasi she'll get over excited about it and won't stop until I/we give in.

    Goodluck sa iyong pag decorate...enjoy it of course


  2. wow good luck dai sa in chrismas treee.kami kahuman han all souls day nagayad na an sister kay excited an mga kids especially na kita hira ha amon neighbor na may Christmas light ha gawas

  3. wow gadecors na mo....

    asa dapit inyoa sa berlin, sa city center?

    amoa, dool mi sa mannheim or heidelberg?...

    thanks for visiting ha?


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