The Romantic Spirit of Paris

Paris is artistically romantic city in the world! They say it “the City of Light.” There is just no question about it or what is it about Paris that does it?

They say the kindest regard things in life is when we enjoy our personal rights and one of the most romantic things about Paris is the ability to walk and finding your own nifty groovy corner. Reminiscing my first European travel with my dearest husband.... in Paris the air was strangely filled with the song of birds and with stupefy emotional pleasant scents, and before I knew it my blood carelessly quickened and I was head over heels sincerely deep into a romance that intimately changed the route of my life.....June 9, 2006 when my husband proposed to me. This is why I love the place Paris is the romantic and memorable place for us, conjured as a unique place of our romantic spirit tales.

Just sharing some of our photos in Paris :

Paris Seine River - always been the heart and soul of Paris.

Arc de Triomphe - the biggest elated triumphal arch in the world.

Musee du Louvre - is the world's largest museum and one of the world's greatest elite art collections.

Tour Eiffel Tower - the most recognizable landmark of the city.


  1. Hi ms. pretty! thanks for never forgetting to visit my sites.
    Lovely pictures in Paris, wish ko maka punta dyan before I die. :)

  2. ganda talaga ng Paris...hayy! kailan kaya ako makarating dyan...

  3. Nice pics.. Love the place.. Wanna go there soon.. =D

  4. pretty, that name really remind me of my niece nickname... [missing her] hopefully someday, maayo ang lawas, me and my partner will visit Paris. not just Paris but hopefully other romantic places on this planet...

  5. oohh, i love your pics! wish i could visit paris someday...

  6. Allo! Parlez vous Tagalog? lol

    I love Paris it's a work of art!!!

    I love the cafes on the side walk on
    Champs-Elysees with the view of Arc de Triomphe while sipping that cafe au lait.

    Let alone Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Sacre Coeur.

    I Love Paris [PERIOD!] it's to die for! Kaya lang hindi ko sya afford, for now magtitiis muna ako kay Paris Hilton o Paris, Pennsylvania bweheheheh... Kala mo no? Kung chumika ako dito parang nakarating na sa Paris??? Hindi kunwari lang yon, Cultured daw ako kunwari :::bwahahhaa:::


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