Worthy wave

Getting an award is a smooth way in helping us scooch over the an unbleached days. The days we are puzzledly confuse. I didn't think anybody would think me a worthy-wave-missy in getting an award. The awards was a quite surprise and made me gracefully overbearing. It is a grateful breeze and worthy wave tingling sensation to get an awards. Certainly, I'm accepting it all with jillion of smiles....

I would like to express my gratitude to the following peppy bloggers "Rosemarie , Lorie and Norms who recognized and acknowledged my odd job, despite the fact that I'm a newbie critter in this WorldWideWeb.


  1. Thank you for this friend! bait mo naman...take care

  2. new site mo pala ito! link ko rin ito ha...God bless

  3. hahaha akala ko other site ito! hehehe...same lang pala


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