Foggy day!

The snow and ice are nearly here!

I took this photo this morning was driving to the nearest grocery store to buy some food, it was a very foggy morning, the fog is thick.

Most people I know, they find fog as a vexatiously creepy. Something mildly pretty at its best moments, but something we hope that goes away as quickly as possible. I don't like fog! Fog is a weary of dullness and not serving any purpose. It is sheerly-shaky dangerous to drive in foggy roads and I always remember what my husband always telling me as we review and buzz on the foggy days, is that "if you are driving in a foggy road just slow down then put more distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you, and watch what the other drivers around are doing".


  1. the pic u've taken is really nice but creepy dahil nga sa fog heheh :)

  2. We have a foggy place here in mindanao too, somewhere in the place heading to bukidnon,if you heard that place... i love it... nakakasaya.


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