A constant enduring reminder

The most fascinating time of the year is autumn! Winter is just around the corner. I always have a good time rolling around taking pictures.

I still want to keep this pinup shot as I loved the atmosphere, the carpet of leaves, and the admirable symmetrical trees.

I gratuitously love the fall leaves and the appealing spick-and-span air of a fall season. Autumn season has an exceptional place in my heart because of the comrade bustled memories as leaves changes, and always a constant enduring reminder that we are taking a swerve turns as we live each day in our married life. The fall season reminiscing my once upon a time life back home having different season and ditching me that I am miles away from my family in the Philippines. Anyhow, I am decisively thankful having my beloved husband made my life completely accomplished, living in a foreign land with different language and culture is not easy things to tumble over.

The time of year when the flowers begin to fade. It's my time to work outside germinating my flowers. I love and I am an avid seed saver and collector of sorts. Likewise, I'm happy that I don't need to work on the grass around the house since they only need a passable mowing.


  1. I love autumn!!
    it´s beautifull
    The photo are beautifull!!

    Que lindo blog... gracias por tu visita... el post muy lindo, a mi también me gusta mucho el otoño!!!

    kiss !!!


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