There are a variety of ways to support and keep up a comfortable warm atmosphere in the house. A heater is an essential vendible commodity for the countries living in cold seasons. Installing a heater inside the house is necessary, just thinking about such a low temperatures gives us the shudder. What makes us sick some times is lack of humidity.

Refreshing back of my medical modules and what I have observed "heat" makes one sick because it dries out the air, then after that impinges the digestive tract portion of the "throat"... so virus' attack and make the inflammation of the mucous membranes lining of the upper respiratory passages and create the usually coughing and sneezing. Seeing my hubby a little sick is not a farcical dingle day for me. It started as just a little sneezing turned, into sore throat and annoying coughing. He was lucky..... feeling fairly healthy for having no fever. I hope he will get better soon!!!


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