Sunday, November 4, 2007

"My husband"

Travel for me has always been initiated by stories... Yup! Hubby and me just got back from our out of the country travel but I am still in bed now, having a back pain and trying to sleep again... stories is coming up, I'm just hoping that my pain harmonizes out and have more time to get back to post.

I just so thankful having my beloved hubby, doing everything outside his normal obligations. He got done everything today, He made my breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed.

Every person has a certain person in this huge world that is "made for you". I am just someone who have everything having someone that has an undescribable feelings... "My husband"

Everyone has something good about them, but it is hard to find Someone that we feel safe and completely comfortable. My husband is Someone made my life feel complete. He mean so much to me.

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