Wednesday nudge!

It's time for me to go to my language School... Hu!Hu!Hu! will be driving again in expressway ... back in my full swing of preparation again for my "expressway driving". Expressway are multi-lane divided highways with limited access from other roads.... there are no stops or cross traffic.. a driving without stopping, as quickly (not to create a traffic jam) and safely as possible.

Nevertheless, I have to get this flee schedule (school time) since there are no course choices available, so I'm dolefully sad that my hardworking beloved hubby going home from work having his lunch.... alone! but I have cooked his "Pinoy" esteemed recipe.... vegetable rice and 'beef tapa'..... hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! just missing pinoy cuisine.


  1. hmmm...sarap naman ng rice, vegetable and beef tapa mo, Hi friend! musta? I got tag for you...just visit my site..God bless and Merry Christmas!


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