Monday, December 24, 2007


I really cannot express how happy am I to have this 'two' awards. Thanks again for everything "Nova"......

I'm giving this awards out to the following deserving bloggers... Norms, Simple, Femikey, Weng, Jazevox, Rachelle, Lorie, Shabem, Malditang P, Mabelle, Kaje and Diwata...


  1. naks mare! tapos na ako nito, salamat sa comment mo sa akin sa friendster ha...I love it! Merry Christmas

  2. wishing you a merry christmas from the bottom of meow heart. mwahhhh n

  3. Thanks for these awards. The second one is cute and funny hehe..
    Got tagged na rin nito!
    Happy Holidays!


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