A view from our window

I woke up this morning with the sounds of the birds over the nearby trees. I just can't help but feel the love, blessedness and cheerfulness brought by a designful scenery. What an impressively exalted view from our window!
Everytime we open our window we always get some fantastic sunrises is always part of our everyday life, but I've never seen one with such a plastered yellow-orange colour before. The colours change so quickly, so hubby have quickly captured this picture.


  1. wow! great pics! I love the view mare! lagi oi naa pa gani sa akong draft daghan tag...hehehhee

  2. ganda sis! Its worth waking up every morning with that view :)

  3. wow! i love nature and the pic you have here looks so great. tc!

  4. wow very beautiful sunset! sarap pag ganyan lagi nadudungawan mo

  5. This view is amazing! ganda naman!


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