"New Year" inspired tradition!

The frenzy in welcoming the New Year!!!! The New Year is an event that happens when a culture celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of the next year. A delightful chinese inspired tradition.... that I staunchly believe and I made my job today to have some of this fruits.......

Now, is the perfect time to have and buy some fruits... This might be a unique answer to your new year belief. A fruit tray..... containing of 13 different kinds of round fruits, on the table by New Year's Eve. It signifies abundance and having enough for the whole year through.... Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. sarap ng fruits mo dito friend! musta ng new site mo? dapat sa new year may blessing nayan ha...thanks sa comment

  2. What a wonderful tradition - fruit symbolizes new life, no? Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Happy New Year sa inyo. Wishing you the best of 2008.

    Sorry ha ngayon lang lumabas sa longga hehehe...na busy lang. i had a little get together in my house for 2 days. ito nagka sakit. ingat enjoy ur day. hugs.

  4. hello friend! I'm done with your tag sorry sa delay ha...happy new year...

  5. what a wonderful tradition..Wish you a happy new year to you
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