Treasure award

Thank you so much.... Joy, Nova and Butchay. These award represents good end for the year 2007 and start of a gainful New Year 2008!

I'd love to share this award to the following precious blogs that I gregariously treasured.... diwatangbyaning, angelblush, heyokity, brainbitsandbeats, ladynorms, shabem, greatmomentsinlife, kharlota, femikey, pinaywahm, asawakomahalko and lovellegen.


  1. thank you very much prettylife..I'm curious to know your exact name or just a nickname? I like your page esp.your header simple but welcoming..what a prettylife..continue the workout to be fit! Me,I just do the Holla hoops and the result is great..

  2. thanks pretty! i will post this later... happy new year!

  3. Thanks for this girl. Really appreciated! Will check your photohunt entry later. Be right back!

  4. thanks so much sa award pretty pretty mwah mwah mwah, kunin ko na ha, mamya ko isabit sa balay ko

  5. am finished with this one :D.thanks.

  6. Hi pretty girl, Thanks dito sa award. i post this later on..pagkatapos magluto lols...

  7. wow salamat sa award na ito... ;p happy new year ulit.


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