Just missing my Mom!

We had a party! I felt a bit homesick because its my Mom's birthday, just missing my Mom. Hubby and me decided to celebrate Mom's birthday last Nov 29th, my Mom's 64th birthday celebration abroad. Wished my Mom was here with us on her special day so we could celebrate the way we cherished her 64th birthday. We made cool invites our friends and neighbors.

View my own captured photos .... some of the foody goodies!

Antipasto means "before the meal"

"coppa, salamella and pancetta".

"prosciutto crudo and salame".


  1. happy birthday pala to your mom friend, medyo magkasing-idad lang cla ng mom ko, my mom is 62 narin...

  2. Yup! It's a prosciutto crudo, lagyan ko na nga ng label.... hehehehe


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