Show me your wallet?

tag from Diwata ... ito na po Bella... grabing pag-sisiwalat at pag hahalungkat! This is the one I am using now LV signature checkbook wallet "pero walang check" he!he!he!he! (not very practical but has sentimental value)..... I swear, this wallet holds everything and is NOT bulky. Whats in it? my money hehehe 50 euro (hubby want me to always have it "not to spend" hu!hu!hu! 'kaya parang wala rin me datung'---- same with 'I have not any money' lol! for emergency reasons) and some other credit card, debit card, atm card... drivers licence, medical card, membership card (na nasa loob...privacy-related purposes)... LOL!

... and now passing it to my online friends Kharlota, Norms, Kaje, Weng, Fe, Vina, Rosemarie, Yen and Lorie.... Can you show me your wallet Girls?


  1. hi beauty! bukas ko ito post ha kasi uunahin ko yong nakauna sa draft ko, salamat sa visit at sa tag na ito, nice tag. Happy weekend!


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