The best holiday gift I got!

I find over autumn and winter sluggish season, I'm having trouble getting back into the spring and summer things. One reason is that, I don’t like going to the gym working out.... LOL! when I try to do something I really don’t want to do it--- I find a million reasons to put it off.... Now, off to a great start! I need to kick on! I really need to fight and no matter what I have to workout! The best holiday gift I have ever received was an elliptical trainer from my husband... Yessss!!! The best holiday gift I got an "elliptical trainer" is an anchored exercise machine used to simulate walking or running.


  1. wow that's nice. pra pa sexy ug samot. maayo na para pakuha sa akong kabilbilan dah :D.

    thanks for d visit.

  2. wew reminds me to do some exercising on my own. hehe. merry christmas!

  3. wow gym buff ka pala! hope you had a wonderful christmas :)

  4. soo nice, well the helps you workout inside ur house without exposing into too much sunlight...

    puede makahiram? hehehehe...

  5. Wow! that's great gift!
    Merry Christmas to you & your family!
    Agring's Simply Digital

  6. thats good friend..Hello! I got tag for you and hope you like it...just visit me in.....
    The Creativity In Me...

  7. wow exercise na tayo dyan! Hehehehe thats sure a cool one!

  8. good luck with the workout :)


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