My godchildren

Tag from Pretty Nova, thank you girl.... I'm trying to post all my pending tags before year ends....

This meme was created to remind us “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” the number of our godchildren and our responsibility towards them as they grow and mature as better Christians. Here are the rules:

* List all the names of your godchildren*
*Tag at least 5 bloggers *
* Update the Tag Train*

My godchildren:

* Girls = Rizza Mae, Myles, Anne
( hehehe sorry forgot names of the other two)

* Boys = Brylle, Mark Eric, Diego, Jhun

The Tag Train Started Here - Bluepanjeet - Joy - Scarty - Yen - Peachy - Jenny - Denz - Eds - Jhona Nova - Pretty Life OnLine and "You" {you put your link here}

and I’m passing this meme to .... Norms, Mabelle, Kharlota, Mylene, Kaje and Diwata. Hoping you guys have not done this before.


  1. thanks for this tag friend! I'll do this pako sa akong cousin...

  2. pretttyyyy nagawa ko na itoh! hehehe... spice girls nga diba?

  3. Thanks! Thanks! Pero gawin ko to after holidays na siguro gurl. I'll add this to my list soon.

  4. salamat sa tag ha. let u know pag tapos na.

  5. hahahaha.. thanks for doing that tag...

    sorry got the chance to sneak out of the house and went to a cafe to check you all here... although i'm missing lots of updates.. but i'm trying to cope up here....

    dami mong inaanak ahhh... lahat ba yan meron BIG gifts? sali naman ako ohh... heheheheh


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