A quick-witted awakening

Something about waking up in my own home for 2 days and seeing everything, all the surroundings that I always look daily was covered in a white layer of snow. All the trees, the sidewalks. The plenary world just looked genuinely different for a few hours. It was really, a quick-witted awakening. I could not stop looking at my window.

'The first day of snow - a view from the back of our house'

The sight of the snowflakes in the second early morning made my entire day tasks powerfully clear..... Time for me to go to the nearby grocery... Ha!ha!ha!

Snowflakes is an overwhelming impression of the supernatural power, that we should always be grateful!!!


  1. great pics! bag-o pa diay sugod snow diha dae kay makita paman ang grass ninyo nauna dri ug 2 weeks yata...

  2. oi tugnaw ng snow oi.maayog dali ra mahilis.ug mahimo ng ice, paghadanglog jud ana oroy.

    salamat sa paglabay sa akong balay :D.

  3. We don't get much snow in TX kaya one day would love to experience that too hehe..
    Paminsan lang dito eh and then mag melt cya agad (1-2 inches)
    Have a blessed week!

  4. hello pretty! you look sexy in your pix :) we don't have that here and we were thinking of uding the styro from the ref we just bought to improvise as snow but my ate said that it's not good for the environment so we just have to do with the ice from the freezer hehehe.

    Thanks for dropping by and wanna greet you and your family a blissful, memorable and joyful Christmas!!!


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