Snow M-A-G-I-C

I remember the first time I saw snow that was last Febraury of this year.... being a Filipina, you can imagine this was quite new experience for me. It was ridiculously incredible. I just had to leave everything else, and go outside. Nothing would ever be the same. The world was M-A-G-I-C everything became pure and captivatingly enchanted all of the sudden. Time just stopped and I all I wanted was to be there, clammed up observing... And I wanted to document the occasion... Here's my so-called phonographic writing!


  1. same pala tayo when I first saw the snow nag enjoy talaga ako labas masok ako sa bahay with camera parang naengkanto, hehe

  2. talagang enjoy ka naman jan ah? he he he... have fun... antayin mo pagnatunaw... at tignan mo kung enjoy pa din? bweheheh

  3. your so funny. makes me smile here while watching ur pictures... puede naka baligya halo-halo.. wala nakay problemahon sa pag giling sa ice... hehehehehe

  4. nice snow day pics you got, looks like it was fun/magical day. up to now, it amazes me when its snowing!


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