Wine and Cheese

Only 12 shopping days left! Gosh! It seems like it gets harder and harder to find the right gifts for my in-laws maybe a wine & cheese?

Wine thought appeared in Europe about 6500 years ago. Europe is the main wine-consumption area in the world and played an important role, fondness-regards to economic growth.

The King of Cheese "Parmigiano Reggiano" more commonly known as parmesan cheese, one of the world’s oldest (now as it was made eight centuries ago) and best cheese in the world, a typically italian product well-know all over the world from the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia-Modena, Bologna Italy.


  1. yan ang masarap na tagay..WINE...I love it...

  2. those are some huge cheese, did u buy one of those?

  3. matay ka dako ba anang cheese.. pang two years na na sa akoa... hehehehe... puede na pud ta mag tagayay sa kalaparon sa wine diha.. pick your choice jud ba

  4. Hello Norms, oh yeah! masarap tlaga.... research tells us in moderation... red wine is good for the heart, white wine is good for the lungs...

    Hi jazevox, just bought some slices... hehehe di kaya ng powers!

    Hi Nova, hehehehe giant 35-kilo wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano... buong barangay kaya. LoL!

  5. never seen those type of cheese for sale here in CA.. i didnt know that you can buy them buy the slices too, thanks for the infos :-)

    hey all dont drink and drive, ok?


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