Passing the Awards

Passing on this awards to the following:

Norms, Marlene, Eds, Kaje, Karlota, Lorie, Nova and Rosemarie.


Nova, honestly Fresh, Marie,Norms and Chant.


Pinaywahm, Marlene, Norms, Lorie, Eds, Karlota, Kaje, Lisa and Nova.


  1. thanks for the award day, already have this award i will just add you name in it. let u know when im done doing it. btw thanks for the wonderful message.

  2. thanks aning mga awards mare! naa say ako didto para nimo..just visit and put it here...

  3. hi pretty, thanks so much for this award. I'll add this to my assignment list. Yung dalawa sa itaas may nagbigay na sa kin, but thanks anyway.

    PS...sensiya na madalang visit ko ngayon ha, busy pa kasi school at work, but from next week free na ko, yipee!...Ingat sweetie!

  4. Dear, thanks a bunch ha... for the warm award you gave on me... i did have it girl but i will totally thank you about being so nice to me...
    i can't tell much words but a warm feeling inside my heart.... *hugs*

  5. hello sistah, thanks so much sa award,I really mean it cause its my first award in blogging world...


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