Friday, December 14, 2007

What Rose Represents Your Love?

Tag from Juliana..... I Love it! He!HE!He!

White is the combination of all the colors... I love roses of all colors because my husband gave me roses for no reason..... so for me roses is the unforgettable and ultimately elegant expression of love.

Your Love is Represented by a White Rose

While you may or may not be totally naive, you do approach love with an eternal innocence.
You love like you've never been hurt. And you put all your faith in your partner.
Your philosophy on love is: be honest and be yourself.


  1. thank you for this friend! gawin ko ito ngayon din...

  2. Yeah...good description ha? Eternal innocence is my fave line....

    Thanks for doing it girl...


  3. By this, I can say that it's so nice to be loved by you.

    hmmm your hubby is very lucky to have you ever!

  4. thanks for the tag! :) will do it soon! ;)


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