Two awards

I’ve received expressly separate two awards, and I couldn’t feel more honored! This was genuinely unexpected. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

from Eds and Chelle Thank you so much!

I also want to share the credit for this award to Kaje who has taught and has given me a groundless notion of the amazing blog opportunities and for that I am forever grateful.

from Juliana Thankyou so much!

Now I'm passing this award to the following: Norms, Rosemarie, Nova,Lisa, and Vina. I am thankful I have met them and they touched my pretty life online. Each one of them has taught something and I hope to be able to carry on the process of having more online buddies! Thank you all!


  1. thanks a lot sis. this made my morning extra wonderful!

  2. nakakatuwa naman ito, i just again passed the same award to you dear.. but i'm grateful we both wanted to welcome each other into a blog buddy....

    keep in touch...

  3. I love the 2 elephant pati kitten...ang cute cute nila...salamat ani dae ha...I'll do this tomorrow

  4. nanakawin ko lang yong pix ng kitten friendly ha, baka kasi mamaya mapasyal ka s abahay ko at makita mo, baka idemanda mo ako lol

  5. hoy! magandang diwata, dapat bayaran mo yan ha! dapat may kapalit yan.... hehehehe

  6. Your welcome girl! Have a nice day ahead!


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