Huge Supermarket

I go to the supermarket twice or thrice a week.... This morning, I just went into a huge supermarket which I don't usually go. We always ate fresh fruits and vegetables at home and we try to keep this "a good habit".... so I always buy fresh products as often as I can.

Here are some I have found!

Huge choice of Fruits & Vegetables

Cabbage one that we always buy, a remarkable round cabbage with wonderful wrinkled dark green leaves.

Cabbage is common autumn and winter vegetable. It contains more vitamin C than oranges, as well as a large number of minerals, iodine, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The outer leaves contain more Vitamin E and calcium than the inner leaves. With significant amounts of glutamine, an amino acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties.... I've learned from my medical school... LOL!

Does anyone know the name of this little cabbage?

I'll never forget my favorite nuts!

Prunes is one of my favorite fruit.

******************* and I went to wine and cheese section......


  1. wow! great pics! I love nuts the way, thanks sa visit ha pero balik ka doon sa site ko, grab my tag

  2. nice photography, i like ur eating fresh produce habit

    this year been eating lots of process foods and junk foods and sodas, haay, hopefully next year we will be staying away from those, and eat more healtier stuff

  3. Hi Girl...thanks for the visit.

    Those 'little cabbage' as you call them, lol....are called "brussels sprouts". I also forgot what they're called so I asked the expert in the little girl..hehe.



  4. Anyone of you also watch the show, Are you smarter than a 5th grader? :-)

    I also forgot what they're called so I asked the expert in the little girl..hehe

  5. i love the goodies.

    i will get fat more with that food.

    thanks for visiting my site :D.

    Advance Merry Christmas!

  6. Nice pics. Love the fresh fruits and veggies.

  7. those cabbage look alike are called brussel sprouts. i make them a lot. just curious, how did you make them?


  8. Hi Juliana, usually I make a Brussels Sprouts with Lemon and almonds..... sometimes with orange and walnuts... Have a great day!

  9. i just love the little cabbage...we normally cooked them with a little butter...that's a huge market.


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